It is our policy to always give you a written treatment plan and quotation before you embark on a course of treatment. We also discuss your treatment options and give you clear information for you to make an informed decision on the appropriate choices for your dental health based on our best advice.

We are able to offer a wide range of payment options please refer to our section on "Plans"

At T2 Dental we constantly monitor our treatments. Our prices reflect our committment to you to provide the very best treatment at an affordable cost. The guide below reflects the prices of typical treatments shown for Private patients.

Prices for patients choosing a dental care plan will typically see a reduction of 20% in the privately listed cost.


New Patient Consultation £94.00
This is a consultation to assess your dental health and to discuss your requirements. A full oral and dental health examination is carried out with the benefit of our state of the art optics and illumination. We also will screen you for oral cancer and gum disease. Radiographs (X-Rays) will also be taken where required, which may include a full pan-oral scan. On completion the dentist will discuss with you a time for a review appointment or treatment. A written quotation and treatment plan will also be provided.
Routine Dental Health Examination £67.00 Private
As above but dental care plan patients would have this cost discounted and included in their plans along with free radiographs.
Hygiene & Periodontal Treatment £78.00 Private
Our Hygienists are passionate about enabling you to achieve excellent oral health. They can educate you as to the cause of specific dental health problems and will discuss and demonstrate a suitable oral hygiene programme for you. They will also take the time to professionally remove hard and soft deposits around your teeth and gums and address any stain removal. You do not need to be a patient at the practice to benefit from our professional care. You can have direct access to the hygienist who will check your oral health and provide a hygiene routine to suit you. This service costs £105.00 for a 45 minute appointment.

You will also benefit from up to 50% discounts on any oral hygiene products sold within the surgery.

Tooth Coloured Fillings prices from £114.00 Private 
Composite, tooth coloured fillings restore your teeth following decay or dental trauma. We use state of the art materials and colour matching to ensure that you have a superb cosmetic finish to your repaired tooth.
    prices from £690.00 Private
Where a tooth has been filled or damaged it can be too weak to complete a further composite restoration. Crowns can be used to strengthen teeth or cosmetically improve the look of teeth that are discoloured, worn or uneven.  
Inlays and Onlays prices from £574.00 Private
Inlays and Onlays are used as an alternative to a filling. They can be made in tooth coloured porcelain, gold or white composite as different materials suit different parts of the mouth or tooth. We have the ability in most cases to make the inlay or onlay while you wait, so you do not have to wait two weeks for a laboratory.  
  prices from £3000.00 Private
Dental implants provide an excellent aesthetic solution to replacing missing teeth. We offer a £94.00 consultation to answer your questions and advise you of treatment. 
Teeth Whitening
 prices from £386.00 Private
Whiter teeth can give you the confidence to smile more, after all your smile is the first thing others generally notice about you. Our professional approved teeth whitening system is created especially for you.

Did you know that only dental professionals are legally allowed to carry out teeth whitening procedures? Treatments and products offered by non- professionals can potentially harm or cause damage to your teeth and gums.

You can relax in the knowledge that we will provide you with the most effective way of improving your smile and our system benefits from the ability to purchase top up treatments as you require them.