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Diagnosis & Prevention

Diagnosis & Prevention


All new patients have a detailed examination, to give a full assessment of your current dental health including any necessary low-dose digital x-rays of your teeth and jaws.

We will listen to any concerns you have and discuss areas you may wish to improve. We will discuss treatment options, giving you the pros and cons of each, and then provide you with a detailed written treatment plan.

We encourage you to attend regularly for routine examinations where we check for mouth cancer, gum disease, tooth decay and infection. That way we can catch any problems early, often avoiding more invasive treatments.


Our hygienists are highly skilled and are dedicated to helping you to keep your teeth for life. They will carry out an in-depth examination of your mouth and gums to determine their health, then give you the correct treatment and advice specially designed for your individual needs. At T2 Dental our hygienists are able to offer you the benefits of the EMS Airflow system for superior management of biofilm.

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