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CBCT Scanner

At T2 Dental we are always looking for ways to provide our patients with the latest in modern dental technology. Cone Beam Computerised Tomography is rapidly becoming increasingly important in dentistry as the diagnostic tool of choice in the very best practices.

We are delighted to announce that we have invested in a Carestream CS8100 3D CBCT scanner which allows us to produce superb 3D images of the teeth and surrounding tissues, so we can look at the anatomical structures in detail from any angle. The benefits to both ourselves and our patients are enormous.

We can assess the oral health of our patients, diagnose problems not visible with ordinary 2D images, plan complex treatments such as root canal and orthodontic cases, produce guides to allow for exact implant placement and monitor the efficacy of treatments.

For our patients it means we can explain treatments much more clearly, with a 3D image which we can move around the screen, tilt and twist to any angle. It also means more accurate diagnosis, decreased risks of treatment and quicker procedures.

CBCT is becoming recognised as the gold standard for safe implant placement and we can now offer all our implant patients the reassurance of detailed pre-operative planning and minimally invasive placement. The scan will give us precious information about bone density and volume, as well as pinpointing vital nerves and blood vessels. By detailed and careful planning we can be sure we are doing our utmost to give our patients the very best chance to enjoy a long lasting and problem free implant.


Hate having impressions taken?

At T2 Dental we have the solution - our new Carestream CS3500 digital intraoral scanner. The scanner produces superb quality 3D images without the need for messy impressions which can make you gag: it's as easy as having your photo taken. The images are more accurate than using conventional impression materrials, too, meaning a more comfortable result without the need for adjustments.

We can send the digital image directly to our expert technicians, or for most cases we can use it straight away in the Practice to produce a superb ceramic crown or inlay. No more coming back in two weeks for another appointment: simply relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while we make your new tooth.

We can use the scanner for other treatments, too. Because it produces instant 3D images, we can take pictures of your teeth and the surrounding structures and show you a virtual model on the screen in front of you, allowing us to show you your mouth as you've never seen it before!

Contact us today to find out how we can give you a beautiful smile without any impressions.

Our purpose-built surgeries are modern and uncluttered, with touch-screen technology to keep surfaces clear. All our systems are computerised, from dental notes to the records for our autoclave.

We use low-dose digital x-rays and panoramic scans as well as 3D imaging to give us instant images and use our intra-oral camera to show you pictures of your mouth.

We work under high magnification and illumination using a top of the range Zeiss surgical microscope to give you the best possible results.

Outside the surgeries, we have a dedicated instrument sterilisation area, equipped beyond the current guidelines, to ensure your safety and that of our team.

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